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Audio Crack is the first official solo video of San Diego based hip hop artist Demi Daygo off the album Demi God. The video is a great addition to the repertoire of San Diego art.  The video, Shot by Cruz Photography, begins with a minute fifteen skit that I think could have been left on the editing floor.  It moves on to the Audio Crack, where he has several women dicing up the, uh, product to weigh for immediate distribution.  This displays the direct link between past or present life and future dreams. The song is catchy and full of vigor going beyond the normal standards of west coast rap.  The video is filled with good visuals for his references from Jim Carrey  and The Mask to Ricola as Demi dons Bavarian attire while blowing the alphorn at what looks like Mission Bay. There is a lot of natural scenery from SD, including the hip hop breeding ground 4 Corners of Southeast San Diego. All in all I give it a 7/10 simply because of the dry skit at the beginning that was like watching a 3rd grader read for the first time. My advice, unless you have a really good reason don’t make us wait. It overshadows the real reason you made the video in the first place, the music. Check him out at   - Inspecta Ratchet

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